When Brands Evolve

When Brands Collide

As we’ve were busy finishing up the last few elements in preparation of going live with our new brand, we were reflecting on the question: why haven’t we done this sooner?

When I started this company in 2015 as a sideline project, I didn’t really have a vision for the company, or even found myself dreaming about what it could become. It was just a creative outlet to explore projects which I was passionate about. In 2016 I left the corporate world, and suddenly my sideline project became “a real business entity”! Overnight this had become my bread and butter.

Very early on in my company’s journey I have partnered with another business offering complimentary services to my own, but over time I started realising that I have lost my own voice in this joint venture. And when this partnership had come to an end, I realised that my business’s brand wasn’t relevant anymore.

Irrelevant Brand?

So how do you know that your business’s brand is not relevant anymore? The answer is clear: when your vision has started outgrowing your dreams for your business. And this is not always a bad thing. Businesses are constantly evolving. Yes, this an evolution that is normally inspired by fluctuating trends in the market, but the main driver for this is your vision.

Does this mean that you have to change your brand every single time that your vision changes? No, it doesn’t. But it might mean that you have to make some tweaks to it (also known as a brand refresh). A brand refresh can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but in the end it needs to mean the right thing to the right people.

People will always test your brand on its promise, and if they find that what you say and what you do are not lining up to what your brand is promising, your business will quickly find itself in a heap of trouble.

A New Coat Of Paint

Companies are constantly doing brand refreshes in order to stay current with their market and its trends, but they are mainly doing so to remain relevant. Brands today are not managed or owned by the companies anymore. They are in the hands of the customers. If the customers are saying that a brand is relevant, then it is. And when they decide that it isn’t, well, then it means it is back to the drawing board for the business.

So when you find yourself being isolated in your market, or that your vision has outgrown your company’s current shell, then maybe considering a rebrand might be just what the customer has ordered.

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